Were you just served with a union representation petition?  Had no idea it was coming?  Getting “advice” from all angles?  Phone ringing off the hook?  Having difficulty deciding whether to handle in-house, use a labor attorney and/or a “consultant/persuader”? 

We ARE here to help you navigate through the rough seas, and provide honest, spot-on advice.  We ARE NOT “persuaders” – we provide employees with 100% factual information and approach employees in a very neutral and fact-heavy manner, which works best with today’s workforce.  The days of old-fashioned tactics, boring fliers, intimidation, and scare tactics are long in the rearview mirror.  We strive to do the least amount needed to win the day, without completely upending your business operations.  We don’t just win union elections but provide suggested action items for short and long-term success for your organization so that everyone is better off from the process.