Job actions, particularly labor strikes, are more popular in our Country today than they have been in decades.  Why is that?  Qualified labor is a premium.  Labor unions are demanding substantial wage increases and robust fringe benefits at the bargaining table.  As you may know, calling a strike is a union’s strongest weapon it can use to force an employer to agree to its contract proposals.  In certain situations, today’s workforce is indifferent to the risk and potential harm that strikes can bring for everyone involved – the union, the company, and the employees.

Diligent preparation is the best way to ensure smooth operations when and if a strike is called.  We help our clients think about and prepare for every aspect of handling a strike.  Security, continued – uninterrupted operations, ingress and egress to the facility, media statements and customer concerns are all important aspects to consider when preparing for a labor action.  We help our clients develop action and contingency plans in the event a job action cannot be avoided