Labor contract negotiations, especially first contract negotiations, can be extremely unpredictable and difficult for everyone involved.  We have meaningful experience negotiating single and multi-employer agreements in both the private and public sectors.  We approach negotiations with an open mind and cooperative spirit.  We have negotiated contracts in extremely high stakes scenarios and advocate passionately on behalf of employers while carefully balancing market trends and employee satisfaction.

In our world today, qualified labor is an absolute premium.  Staffing shortages are rampant in many different industries and as a result, unions are getting increasingly aggressive at the bargaining table.  Demands for robust wage increases and rich fringe benefits are the new status quo and strikes are more common now than they have been in several decades.

From the employer’s perspective, preparation behind the scenes is equally important to time spent at the table with the union.  We meticulously prepare for negotiations and explore all the possible outcomes for our clients.  We make sure that you are ready for anything the union throws your way.  We achieve quality results and do it in a way that does not damage relationships with employees.

Depending on the state and industry you operate in, employers may be required to enter into a labor peace agreement with a union.  Particularly in cannabis, many states now require employers to negotiate and enter into a labor peace agreement as a condition of submitting an application for a cannabis license.  We have negotiated many of these on behalf of our clients and are very familiar with different state labor requirements.