Our slogan says it all…At ALG, we are “dedicated to building awesome relationships, one employee at a time.”  We realize that developing employees is the best way to encourage growth and development.  When a client comes to us with an idea or situation, we design a management training program that will be most effective for that specific situation.  We have training programs that range in targeted audiences from C-suite to front-line supervisors.  

Today the American workforce is more dynamic than it has ever been.  We take a very modern approach to management training and know the labor market very well.  “Traditional” employees have long left the workplace and “Baby Boomers” are phasing out as well.  Today the American workplace is predominantly composed of “Gen X”, “Gen Y (Millennials)” and “Gen Z”.  We teach supervisors how to get the most out of employees with a particular focus on the generational gap. 


ALG’s Dynamic Supervision & Engagement Training for Management (DSE) has been developed over the course of over a decade and we are still making changes that best fit today’s workplace.  This training is geared toward front-line supervisors and middle management.  Often times employers like to promote from within, which is great.  But unfortunately, sometimes an employee is promoted to a supervisor who knows the job really well, but very little or even no training in management skills.  This often leads to a wide array of problems in the workplace.  Our Dynamic Supervision & Engagement training programs focus on ENGAGEMENT.  When supervisors and employees are actively engaged we see increases in productivity, profitability, longevity, and customer loyalty.  When the work environment is toxic and employees are not engaged or actively disengaged, this frequently leads to decreased productivity & profitability and increases in absenteeism, turnover, and safety incidents.   

When a client is interested in our DSE training we work directly to develop a specific program that suits their needs.  Sometimes the program can be as short as a few hours or multiple days.  Nearly all the programs we develop feature interactive sessions, a workbook that participants use during the training and take home for future reference, team building activities, and case studies.  Several of our clients tell us this is the ‘best supervisor training’ they have ever seen.   

Our President Jim Monica has worked with many executives over the years who oversee multi-billion-dollar businesses.  Jim is proud of the fact that some of the largest employers in North America have sought his counsel and advice over the years.  He also takes pride in working with smaller, regional, or single location employers who simply need some good direction.  Jim has experience working with executives in a variety of industries.  Do you have an executive who is great with the bottom line, but could use a little support in soft skills?  Our executive coaching programs are designed to help participants understand the importance of the personal side of business.   

Similar to our Dynamic Supervision & Engagement Training, ALG works directly with each client to create a program that specifically fits their needs.   

If you are going through unionization for the first time, opening a new location, or onboarding a new supervisor who has little experience managing in a union environment, we offer training to help your team navigate through the process.  Sometimes we create an “us vs. them” mentality when it comes to labor-management relations, but that is not the best way to operate successfully.  Our experts teach supervisors the importance of teamwork, understanding the terms of a collective bargaining agreement, and applicable rules under the National Labor Relations Act.